AI Poem about the White lady from Krumlov

I will tell about the rumor from Český Krumlov,
Where the secrets of ancient times dwell.
The story is related to the castle above the Vltava,
Where miracles and ghosts meet.

It is said that the old lord of the castle, Count Krumlovský,
He had a daughter who was beautiful to the eye.
Her name was Štěpánka and she was powerful,
But the evil earl locked her in the tower.

Love left her bound in her heart,
And she always looked out the window sadly.
Count Krumlovsky kept her in the tower,
And he humbled her with his power.

One day a mysterious man came to the tower,
Who promised to help Štěpánek.
He was a wizard who had magical powers,
And planned the earl's end of his evil.

He helped Stephen to escape from the tower,
And the battle with the evil earl began.
Wizard with spells and Stephanka with courage,
They fought for the freedom of her heart.

A sword divided light and darkness,
And Count Krumlovsky was defeated.
Stepanka was finally free,
And the rumor of her power recorded.

Since then, he is said to have been at the castle in Krumlov
The spirit of Stepanka appears occasionally.
Whether as a white figure or a shadow,
It reminds of a love that will never be true.

So the mysterious rumor from Český Krumlov,
About a brave girl with a pure heart.
May he live on in memories and songs,
May her courage remain an eternal light.